Tuesday 26 May 2015

Restoration Preparation

Taking one's time has never been a forte of mine. So, preparatory action on a few fronts;

Engine - Hall and Hall did get the engine started and sent me a video prior to the purchase being concluded so I know it has all the bits inside! We will not really know the condition until it is stripped down by Rodney Gibbs of Superior Automotive and all components crack tested. So until then there is no merit in ordering new parts. I suspect that all new internals will be needed (but hopefully not the crank). I have however ordered a new electronic ignition system from Hall and Hall as I know from my prior Surtees TS9B ownership that it is very disappointing to spend 12 hours towing a race car trailer from Sydney to Phillip Island with Garry Simkin, only for the spark box to fail and then pack up and drive home again without having completed a single lap. Bad words were spoken exiting the circuit gates.

Gearbox - I acquired four Dog Rings plus a Ring and Pinion from Hall and Hall when I acquired the car (they do have a small collection of BRM components available) however until the box is stripped down with Garry Simkin we will not know what is in store. I have done some initial calculations on gear ratios for Eastern Creek and Phillip Island and have sent this to Hall and Hall to check, they have in stock possibly 4 of the 8 gears and I will arrange for he remainder to be made here in Australia. I suspect the existing gears in the box will have seen better days - paper weights anyone (oh, that's right, we are all paperless now). Every few meetings they need to be replaced so I will also need some spares.........

Fuel Bladders - These need replacing, the original 1973 units will be inside. This could be messy, they have probably disintegrated by now.

Wheels - Lovely magnesium. Light, polishes to a sublime almost iridescent shine and very soft. Unfortunately the LH front appears to have hairline cracks. Dave Mawer may be able to repair, we will see. Anyway for safety's sake I have ordered four new wheels from Hall and Hall, who have the original BRM patterns and they are waiting on the UK foundry to do a Magnesium pour which they do when they have sufficient orders for Mag items. 10 weeks delivery time likely I am told.

Drawings and Specifications - I have asked Hall and Hall (who hold the BRM drawings, a consortium of six actually own the majority of them) for copies however accessibility to the plans is not available although Rick Hall has offered to supply a copy of the Gearbox assembly drawing and a wiring diagram. Phil Reilly of California USA has generously sent Rodney Gibbs some original specification information on the V12 engine, Phil rebuilt the cylinder heads for the DFV motor from my Surtees. Rodney assembled and setup this motor with great Dyno results and Phil has also recently rebuilt a BRM V12 engine in his California shop. I envisage Rodney and I will somewhat reliant on advice or suggestions from Phil Reilly for this engine rebuild.