Friday 14 August 2015

Dismantling Complete

The dis-assembly is now complete, pretty well everything is in pieces. I just need to remember how to reassemble everything which is why I am enjoying a glass of red however hoping my memory holds up. 

Final item to be removed is the wiring loom but that can wait for a week or two.

Monocoque sits forlornly with it's innards cast about.

Front firewall of monocoque now exposed.

Some of the array of special tools that Crawford Hall has made to assist in dismantling. Future custodians of this car will benefit of course!

Much excitement however as some of the parts progressively ordered over the past few months start to arrive. 
The shelves above are the first batch of parts from Hall and Hall, new gear ratios (including some very old original unused old 70's stock), new spark box in original casing, new Ring and Pinion, old original and unused brake ducts, new wheel nuts, new gearbox oil pump body, new reverse idler gear and a set of brand new magnesium wheels for front and rear from original BRM design - fronts only in the photo, rears are 17 inches wide and are really beautiful single piece hourglass shape castings.

Next batch of parts from Hall and Hall will be engine parts, Rodney Gibbes has sent the list off and because it is a V12 there is 12 or 24 or 48 of everything.

Garry Simkin has also been successful in finding new bearings that are exact replacements of many of the gearbox and upright bearings, some of which are very old stock. The Pinion bearing above (proudly on display) is an unused original from the early 1970's which has the brass inner cage and is identical to the original item. Whilst many of the bearings were only slightly worn I will replace any that I can obtain new identical items of and keep the originals as spares.

Original master cylinders and clutch slave cylinder now stainless steel sleeved by Derry Greeneklee and reassembled with new pistons and seals.

Instruments new serviced by Bill Richie with new tube and bulbs for temperature gauges, new tacho cable and all gauges checked, refurbished and adjusted as required. 

I am away for work in Brussels for the next few weeks so no new posts for a while but when I return I will be able to commence cleanup of the tub and also commence reassembly of the front uprights and also the gearbox with assistance from Garry plus relocate the pedals and send the second batch of items (suspension wishbones plus steering rack) off for crack testing.