Wednesday 10 June 2015

RH Rear dismantling

Right hand rear corner now dismantled.
Next step is to remove the gearbox and have a look inside.
Then engine out.

Substantial bolt securing the roll hoop brace to the gearbox. 
I hope I never have to test it but it looks adequate to me.

No repairs to the block on this side. Lucas starter motor. 
Hopefully a small geared starter will fit as a replacement. 

Complicated oil tank.

Removal of bodywork covering part of the oil tank on the RH side reveals the original white colour of the bodywork. Shows up how much the body colour has faded. 

Only one irregularity uncovered in the dismantling to date. In the upper photo the bolt holding the lower strutt on the RH side is inserted facing down, whilst the bolt on the corresponding mount on the LH side is inserted facing up. When facing up it may be lowered sufficiently to remove the rod end whilst on the RH side I will need to remove the engine then remove the cast engine mount before then being able to remove the lower strut. Will correct this during the assembly process (in several months, assuming I remember).