Sunday 7 June 2015

Rear Wing and LH Rear Corner removed

One corner at a time, LH rear first. 
Very straight forward dis-assembly, bolts slid out with minimum force. Everything very nicely aligned and so far no signs of any accident damage / repairs.
Noticed that many parts have a small punch mark, I presume this was for hardness testing at the time of manufacture. Some suspension arms seem very light, either titanium or very thin wall tube! 
Also noticed the megaphone design of each of the four secondary exhaust pipes. No wonder these V12's sound good.

Getting access to remove the rear of the box for gear changes does require removal of the wing, spark box (LHS) and battery box (RHS) so is not as quick as some Hewland setups but about the same degree of dis-assembly as my prior Surtees TS9B. These items are however attached with quick release fittings that aids speedy removal. 
The fittings in the back of the gearbox case for bolting on the wing mount are substantial steel inserts which is nice to see. Very solid gearbox case, looking forward to opening it up. 

The long through 'bolt' holding the lower wishbone to the bottom of the upright is hollow and also appears to be titanium. Extensive use of 12 point nuts and bolts throughout.