Friday 14 October 2016

Left Rear Assembled

Assembly of the left rear suspension and ancillary components now complete. 
Starting to look like a race car again. 

Before and After photos.

The photo below was taken in early June 2015 (16 months ago and prior to any dismantling).

The photo below is last week. 
A bit cleaner but that is all I wish to be visible of the restoration. 

The reassembly started with bolting on the brakes and then the exhaust system, as these cannot be installed once the suspension is in place.

Next was to fit the upright to the lower wishbone and fit lower radius rods.

The inner and outer drive shafts are 'connected' via 54 off 7/32" ball bearings which run in 6 grooves cut into the male outer drive shaft and the inside of the female inner drive shaft. 

Photo below is progressive sliding of the balls into the aligned grooves in both components.

Once the drive balls are fitted then the upper links to the upright may be fitted.

The oil cooler and oil lines are next, the original cooler fits right behind the cylindrical oil filter canister. I have had the oil cooler pressure and flow tested and it is a very hefty item. 

Then the cowl in fitted on the outside which directs the air into the oil cooler. 

Next step is the right hand side suspension and ancillary items including oil tank, electrical items and fuel lines.