Saturday 17 September 2016

Part Assembly of Rear End

Unfortunately some work overseas will curtail progress for the next 3 or 4 weeks however I have made a bit of progress in assembling rear end components since the engine was returned. Photos below. Next post will be in mid October.

Photo from underneath front of engine below. Big Dash 16 oil lines.

First test - water lines.
Photo below is the hot water pump connected which is normally used to preheat the motor to operating temperature before starting to ensure operating clearances are achieved. 
Hot water is pumped into the rear fitting on the aeration tank and is sucked out via a fitting at the radiator, via the engine. The fittings at the end of each tube are push on.
No leaks thankfully.

Hand Painted Livery

The nose was quite damaged and unfortunately needed some repair and thus a repaint. 
The remainder of the car retains it's original BRM paint and whilst chipped and showing wear and tear has a lovely patina. 
The original Marlboro and BRM sign writing is all hand painted and I had the nose and also new wing livery hand painted by Matt Wiles of Absolute Sign Solutions in Sydney. 
Matt was able to copy exactly the livery of the existing original wing and we took a full outline tracing of the original hand painted livery on the nose to use as a template.