Thursday 28 April 2016

Front Suspension mounted

Tangible progress.
Front suspension now mounted.

Somewhat easier to re-assemble some components having gone to the trouble of making special tools for dismantling, an example being the photo above and below - fitting the steering rack components.

One thing I have done with much regret is to use new bolts in the suspension rather than reuse the originals. This may sound silly but the originals were all marked and stamped on the heads and all had correct shank length for the fittings they were used for. I would however rather have the confidence of knowing I had good quality aircraft bolts keeping everything together. Old and new bolts in the photo below, I have kept all the originals for posterity.

Whilst some may disagree, I have avoided touch up painting of the tub. 
If the car was not so original I would have given it a respray however as it has not had a repaint since leaving BRM which it was sold to the Donnington Museum I have elected to respect the original patina, which includes wear and tear and chips on the paint as illustrated below.

First one side was assembled.

And then the other.

Almost ready for the track!