Friday 23 October 2015

Restoration Progress Update - End Oct 2015

So, about time for a summary report on progress. The objective of making it to the Phillip Island Classic event next March is starting to appear less certain.

Engine - Been dismantled for a few months now. No parts arrived from Hall and Hall as yet however they are promised to arrive progressively over the next month or two.
Gearbox - Was going well and would have been assembled now (using the original but slightly worn LSD) however must now be part disassembled to repair the faulty Pinion shaft lock nut thread.
Fuel Bags - ordered, deposit paid, in manufacture and due in 3 to 4 weeks.
Suspension components (new) - manufactured, plated (Swift Electroplating) and having new ball joints press fitted now, will be fully complete by mid next week.
Uprights & CV joints / driveshafts - now refurbished and reassembled and ready to be fitted.
Brakes / Clutch - Master and slave cylinders refurbished, calipers refurbished, awaiting new pads but effectively complete.
Steering - rack refurbished and reassembled and new steering column manufactured (just need to fit the quick release steering wheel hub).
Wing - new rear wing manufactured and off to the painters next week.
Wheels - the one faulty front wheel (which is an irregular item and does not match the other three could not be repaired as the lock nut holes had been welded up with aluminum and Dave Mawer simply could not repair them and avoid it re-cracking so one of the originals is useless for racing. I did purchase a new set from Hall and Hall but I need to go searching for another usable front to make two sets.
Pedals - I have yet to relocate these but this is a straight forward action of drilling out the solid rivets and moving the assembly forward to the pre-drilled holes and re riveting them back in place.
Seat Belt - I do need to work out how to better secure the shoulder belts as they are currently mounted in a manner that suits a much shorter driver.
Shock absorbers - need to have these tested and refurbished.
Wiring Loom - need to wire up a new loom.
Missing bodywork molding from behind the drivers head - Hall and Hall appear not to have a mold or sample or drawing of this item so I will need to make one using photos as a reference.
Crack Testing of critical items - complete.

The availability of engine parts is the Achilles heel of this BRM restoration. In hindsight Rodney and I would perhaps have arranged manufacture of some parts our-self rather than waiting but hindsight is a wonderful thing.