Tuesday 15 September 2015

Some Rebuild Progress - Baby Steps

A few items are progressing. Having been away for work for a few weeks there has been a lack of progress on my part however. 'Could do better' was a regular phrase on my school report card.

Michael Trueman has completed manufacture of the new wing. 
The BRM original is a composite of fiberglass sections and aluminum and has become a bit loose. Rather than risk damaging it (or for it to come apart) when I compete in the car I had Michael (who worked in F1 as a mechanic in period) make a new one using the original as a pattern. Although all aluminum and thus a bit heavier, it is a lot sturdier. The original will be wrapped up and stored for posterity and go with the car to future custodians (hopefully not for some time however). 

Crawford Hall has made a new steering column and fittings.
As I intend to fit a quick release steering wheel mechanism to the steering column I have had a new one made in order not to cut up the original.  

Garry Simkin and I have started on reassembly of the uprights, inserting the new bearings being the first step, the image above is of the two new bearing outer races being held in place whilst this rear upright cools down (the outer race drops into the machined face if the magnesium upright is heated sufficiently)

We have also reassembled the brake calipers with new seals and a number of new pistons.

Interestingly the front calipers are fitted with internal return springs (to help overcome pad bounce back) however the rears are not so equipped.

Next week should see further progress on uprights assembly plus crack testing of the steering rack and fittings and we should also make some real progress with the gearbox reassembly. Crawford Hall and Garry Simkin are both currently making a few more special tools that we have identified are required to set up the new Ring and Pinion and assemble the gearbox. We are also still hunting down one more gearbox bearing. 

The engine rebuild is on hold at present as Rodney Gibbes is awaiting parts from Hall and Hall.