Tuesday 7 July 2015


The brakes on this BRM P160E-10 are not overly different to many other early 1970's F1 or F2 / F Atlantic racecars of this era however there are a few minor matters of interest:

The steel brake, clutch and accelerator pedals are all covered in a form of brake pad material. 

The clutch pedal (above) shows limited wear.

The brake pedal (above) shows a fair bit of wear.

The accelerator pedal (above) has been worn through to the steel plate. 
'Go faster' the priority perhaps.

This car has had both a shorter and a taller driver during it's F1 career as evidenced by the holes and markings for the alternative position of the heel brace and also the use of extension bars on the master cylinder push rods (photo above). As I am a taller driver I will adjust it to the more forward position but fortunately all the necessary holes are there to do this and I will retain the extension pieces for posterity and in case a more slight driver takes the wheel in future years. . 

The brake master cylinders (front brakes on the left in the photo above and the rear brakes is in the middle) are both serviced by remote brake fluid reservoirs.

These BRM manufacture reservoirs are fitted into the front of the bulkhead pods on both sides. The orange bits are the remnants of a foam cover that was fitted to catch any splashes of brake fluid.

Four pot rear brake calipers above.

Four pot and very substantial sized Lockheed front brake calipers in the photos above.

Brake and clutch system above. On inspection it was discovered that the inside of the master cylinders and the clutch slave cylinder are a bit worn and have a few scratches from dirt entry.

In order to retain originality on the car I am sending the above master and slave cylinders to Power Brakes in South Australia who are able to bore them out and press fit in a 45 thou wall thickness stainless steel liner inserts so I may continue to use them for a very long time into the future. 

The brake calipers front and rear will also all be fitted with new pistons and new seals and obviously new brake pads. 

Thursday is set aside for removing the RH side fuel bladders. 
Work has interrupted play a bit this last week so not as much progress as hoped.